Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marry Me

First off, we don't talk about it. Even in the very beginning of our relationship, we avoided talking about what we could be, actually for about 6 months all we did was have amazing sex, but never even spoke a word about actually dating. So here we are, only 2 years later, and he calls me every couple weeks, in the middle of the night, to declare his love. I'm not going to lie. He is perfect, and the fact that he wants to be with me forever makes him even more perfect. But the one thing I loved so much about our relationship was that I didn't have to worry about what was to come. I've never felt pressured into thinking we were going to have to go get married or have kids in the next 5 years, no time lines, or obligations. I've gotten to love this care free relationship, take each day by day and when he tells me he wants more, I'm scared shitless. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sterile Technique

Today was a terrible day. I woke up wishing I had developed some contagious disease in my sleep and could call in sick. Its stressful, everyone thinks they are better then you, even though we all took the same test to get the same license. It just straight out sucks. Plus, I don't care about looking in someone's knee or shoulder or whatever and stand in one spot for 3 hours straight banging shit around. Yup, I like my patients to talk. On the second note, I come home to nothing but to old memories. I miss him.

Day 55. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here I Am

At times I lie awake, pondering what I think of you. To feel so lost, but its bittersweet love. Why do I question our relationship? Of course I will love you forever but what happens I don't know.

Your call woke me up and your voice made me smile. It always gives me butterflies. It seems like getting a phone call is a treasure. I hope you can feel how happy I am.

So here I am, strong but tender. All I ask is for you to love me, protect me, trust me and come home. I really need you here. I love you.